Winners of Innovators

Semi-Finalists-Names of Innovators

  • Mr. Arun Shenoy - Green India Building Systems & Services Pvt Ltd (GIBBS)
  • Mr. Ganesham Pogula - Seed drill cum Herbi Sprayer for zero tillage
  • Mr. Girish Chandrababu - Delight Bharath eToilet (Eram Scientific)
  • Mr. Ignatius Orwin Noronha - Multipurpose"MozziQuit"Mosquito Trap
  • Mr. Leo Mavely - Haemostatic emergency dressing (Axio Biosolutions)
  • Mr. Krispian Lawrence - Le Chal

Brief Profiles-

Arun Shenoy

Company: Green India Building Systems & Services Pvt Ltd

Innovation: Green India Building Systems & Services [GIBBS]

Synopsis: GIBSS's portfolio of Geothermal cooling systems, hot water co-generation systems, lighting and indoor air quality systems reduces operating costs in buildings by 60-80%. With its zero initial investment or Pay from Savings model and performance bank guarantees,GIBSS innovation makes geothermal heat exchange feasible and a preferred choice in air-conditioning applications in tropical regions like India. With the innovation, commercial and residential building owners in India could replace conventional air conditioning systems with full time or part time geothermal based air conditioning systems. The invention will not only reduce operating costs of buildings by 70-80%, but also eliminate water consumption in air conditioning applications and reduce carbon footprint significantly.

Ganesham Pogula

Company: Palle Srujana

Innovation: Seed drill cum Herbi Sprayer for zero tillage

Synopsis: This innovation is a seeding machine, it works as an attachment to a Tractor to quickly sow Maize in freshly harvested paddy fields in zero tillage modes to grow maize crop exploiting the residual moisture and fertile land condition of freshly harvested paddy fields which are extremely suitable for Maize Genesis. Device does the following operations in zero tillage fields:

  • Ploughs the field making furrows.
  • Dispenses seeds.
  • Drops fertilizer around the seed.
  • Closes the furrow.
  • Sprays the weedicide between the rows.

All the above operations are done by one operator. As mentioned above this device comes as an attachment to a Tractor and no such device having all the above features is available in the market as of today.

Girish Chandrababu

Company: Eram Scientific

Innovation: Delight Bharath eToilet

Synopsis: This innovation takes pride in being India’s first electronic public toilet-Delight which is a powerful solution to eradicating the inherent issues of existing sanitation facilities. For delight the innovation lies in using multiple technologies and it takes care from entry to sewage automation. The innovator assures this to be a sustainable model of its own and not dependant on a single buyer, thus proving its possible scalability.

Ignatius Orwin Noronha

Company: Leowin Solutions

Innovation: Multipurpose "MozziQuit" Mosquito Trap

Synopsis: one third of world’s population is at risk by mosquitoes. More than 1 million people die every year from malaria and mosquito born diseases. Chemical based repellants do not kill mosquitoes instead repelled mosquitoes multiply 300 folds at thin external bleeding locations. “mozziquit” , an ecofriendly device aims to cater to this problem by attracting , trapping and killind mosquitoes and thereby helping to stop multiplications. mozziquit aims to launch in the market September 2012.

Leo Mavely

Company: Axio Biosolutions

Innovation: Haemostatic emergency dressing

Synopsis: Uncontrolled bleeding from traumatic wounds from a road accidents kills millions of people annually. to cater to this need,AXIO has developed India’s first emergency thermostatic Dressing AXIOSTAT that stops profuse traumatic bleeding within minutes of application and thereby stabilizes the victim at the accident site.AXIOSTAT has been approved for use in India and is being used by few major hospitals and also paramilitary

Mr. Krispian Lawrence

Company: Ducere Technology Pvt.Ltd.

Innovation: Le Chal

Synopsis: a completely non obtrusive navigation system that enables a visually impaired person navigate from one place to another. In addition to avoid the obstacles along the way. in this innovation directions and feedbacks are conveyed through a language of librations which are natural intrusive. The innovation has application outside the visually impaired domain as well .